STOKEN: smart Physical Internet Tokenized Net-Zero Network

MCG, dual-headquartered in London (UK) and Montreal(CA), an AI and Blockchain-driven Company whose mission is to build the blockchain-powered supply chain traceability and carbon visibility in the emerging Physical Internet Era. 

To achieve the vision, MCG blockchain-based platform VUILA captures the journey of the products from manufacturers to the individuals.

MCG PI-enabled Smart and Modular Container System LIUC will reshape the logistics distribution in an efficient and sustainable manner.

MCG envisages an infrastructure network (hyper-connected logistics network) to bridge different blockchains across the supply chain stakeholders (E2E). Focusing on lower, protocol, or hardware level interoperability.

  • Standardization (Physical Internet-enabled green and modular container)
  • Digitalization (blockchain-enabled traceability & carbon visibility tools between supply chain stakeholders)
  • Tokenization (Asset-based tokenization for open innovation network development)

Physical Internet Glocalization: Think Globally, Act Locally

Prosper The Open Innovation Future

Physical Internet Initiative is not a Pipedream, 

Open Innovation can make it happen 

Physical Internet Glocalization

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