Shifting the 60-year-old traditional container into Smart Containers

MCG Canada is aiming to develop the advanced modular hardware system: Logistics Innovation Unit Container (LIUC), including the modular Transport-Handling-Packaging(THP) smart containers and Rapid & Reliable (R&R) distribution of the pharmaceutical products (including the vaccine) across its supply chain, based on Physical Internet (PI) enabled and Blockchain technologies.

Advancing the Intelligent TMT system (Track-Monitor-Trace)

The smart LIUC will be fully digitized in order to track, trace and monitor itself and its cargo in real time, while better protecting cargo and reducing energy consumption thanks to our highly performant handling and transshipment technology. MCG Canada will be capable on deep visibility and control from origin to destination, fast and reliable transit times, and low and predictable supply chain costs based on our advanced TMT system.

Fulfilling the Essential Needs of end-consumers even Beyond the Expectation

Delivering the right pharma products at the right time in the context of Covid-19 is the ultimate goal of MCG Canada. We believe in the power of blockchain to unlock the value of data in a decentralized way, on our journey towards a data-driven company this collaboration with UN/CEFACT, ISO, BSI and CILT enables us to build a secure enterprise B2B data marketplace to monetize and put data to work.


We are here to answer.

MCG Canada is AI and Blockchain-driven Company whose mission is to shape the supply chain industry in the coming Physical Internet Era and turn the 60-year-old traditional container into modular and smart container.

The founder of MGC Canada, Clinton Liu envisages an infrastructure network (hyper-connected logistics network) to bridge different blockchains across the pharma supply chain stakeholders (E2E). Focusing on lower, protocol, or hardware level interoperability.

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